Whole Tree Removal and Trimming

Safely removing whole trees, or broken, overgrown, or dead tree limbs is the most common service we offer. We remove all logs, brush, and wood chips, and rake and clean up all work areas. We are environmentally conscious and recycle all wood and brush whenever possible. Our arborists are careful not to injure or leave unsightly wounds on bark or trees from improper use of climbing spikes, and take great care to protect lawns and gardens.

24-Hour Emergency and Storm Services

When a storm or emergency strikes, call us. We are available to take the worry and danger out of trees or limbs that have fallen on homes, garages, or in other compromised areas. With training and experience in powerline safely, we work with local utility companies to restore your property, and get your life back to normal after the exhilarating but unexpected weather of Minnesota.

Lot Clearing and Brush Removal

People often need a general clean up of their property, and Eager Beaver can clear yards and lots of old wood, logs, and brush. The chipped wood can also be used for mulch, and logs can be cut for firewood should the homeowner need it. A clean yard is a pleasure to behold, and it prepares it for any new landscaping or planting projects that people are thinking of undertaking.

Stump Grinding

When a tree is cut down and removed a short stump is always left that cannot be cut any closer to the ground. Stump grinding is done below ground level, and this makes the area fit again to replant a new tree, use it for garden space, or whatever the homeowner desires. This procedure leaves the ground up wood and dirt mixed near the stump, and it can be used as fill or compost, or be removed for an additional fee.

Emerald Ash Borer Treatments

Millions of Ash trees are under threat from Emerald Ash Borer that was discovered in the Twin Cites Metro area in the spring of 2009. Quality treatments are now available to permanently save your trees, or greatly extend their life by many years before removal becomes necessary. The cost for two years worth of coverage is approximately 1/8 the cost of removal for the same tree, and it also significantly slows the overall spread of the disease within the community. Ash treatments are an extremely wise economic and environmentally sound investment in your property.

Bolting and Cabling

Dynamic or static cabling can secure trunks with narrow-V crotches, and co-dominant leader trunks. Combined cabling and bolting can repair ripped crotches, and extend the life of your trees for many years. Saving trees and making them stronger is one of the wisest things people can do to make their yard a safe and comfortable haven, and it often saves homeowners the cost of removing the whole tree.

Commercial Services


A growing segment of our business is managing business and community landscapes including rental properties, restaurants, retail businesses, churches, and other locations. We also assess tree health for realtors and construction projects. If you have trees on your property, trust Eager Beaver to make sure your property retains its value, beauty, and safety for all your residents, employees, customers, and members.

Professional Consultation


Clair Smith’s work with Eager Beaver Tree Service, the National Park Service, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, and other arbor industry organizations and professionals allows him to offer his wealth of knowledge about trees as a professional consultant. Anyone who has a need to know and understand trees and their environments, or the tools used in the tree care industry, would be well served to speak with Clair about their home, business, or special project needs.

EagerBeaverTree.Com is a Professional Full Service Tree Company offering:

– Tree Services
– Tree Planting
– Tree Trimming & Pruning
– Tree Shaping & Topping
– Tree Removal including Hazardous Tree Removal
– Stump Grinding
– Brush Chipping
– Stump Removal
– Cabling & Bracing
– Buckthorn Removal
– Emerald Ash Borer Treatment
– Tree & Shrub Consultations
– Rope & Saddle Climbing
– Aerial Lift & Crane Service
– Lot & Land Clearing
– Storm Damage Repair including Roof Repair
– And more!
Call us for details.

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