Hazardous & Emergency Storm Damage & Emerald Ash Borer Tree Removal

For over 20 years the Eager Beaver Tree Service has been offering a wide range of tree services to both commercial businesses and residential homes in the Twin Cities Metro area of Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN. We are fully licensed and insured to deliver prompt, affordable services while upholding a high moral standard, friendly customer service and superior results. Among the many duties we perform for our valued customers is tree removal. The Eager Beaver Tree Services professionals come equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to remove trees from your home or business.

Hazardous Storm Damaged Tree Removal Service

Tree removal is often necessary on your property of Twin Cities Metro area of Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN commercial business or residential home when they become a hazard and danger to nearby people and property; especially after storm damage has occured. When it comes to tree removal, it is safer for loved ones and valuables, to allow the experts of Eager Beaver Tree Service to remove the trees on your behalf. We are masterfully trained and experienced to handle all elements of tree removal.

Why you may need a professional tree removal service:
• Death of a tree.
• Tree is severely diseased.
• Tree has been victimized beyond repair of pests.
• Storm damaged tree. (We offer emergency tree removal if a storm has left your tree in a dangerous way.
• Tree is invading sewer/septic tanks, electrical lines, or other plumbing pipes.
• Landscaping renovations.
• Tree crowding.

Tree Removal; No Tree Too Big or Too Small

Most folks enjoy their trees adorning the commercial or residential property in St. Paul, MN and Twin Cities Metro area of Minneapolis, we can happily consult with you if a diseased or pest riddled tree is savable. If it is not, we have the means and experience to remove any kind of tree that is growing on your property.

Common trees in need of removal in St. Paul, MN and Twin Cities Metro area of Minneapolis:
– Ash trees
– Oak trees
– Maple trees
– Birch trees
– Walnut trees
– Pines
– Spruce
– Hemlocks
– Firs
– And many more

Emerald Ash Borer Infestations; Cutting Down Dead Ash Trees

In spring of 2009 it was discovered that an elegant looking bug was infesting Minnesota ash trees. Not only were they infesting our ash trees. But they were killing them. These insects are Emerald Ash Borer, or EAB. Though the problem is being addressed, the infestation is still spreading. With Emerald Ash Borer on the rampage your Ash trees could be experiencing their deadly effects. If you find you were too late to save your Ash tree, Eager Beaver Tree Services can remove your Ash tree safely and efficiently.

Signs of Emerald Ash Borer Infestation:
1. Bark has D-shaped exit holes.
2. Under the bark S-shaped tunnels are forged.
3. Bark bears vertical cracks.
4. Noticeable canopy thinning.
5. There are sprouts around the base of the ash tree.
6. Extreme activity of woodpeckers on the ash tree.

Emergency Tree Removals in Roseville & the Twin Cities Area of St. Paul & Minneapolis, Minnesota

No matter the type tree you need removing from your commercial business or residential home throughout Twin Cities Metro area of Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN, we at Eager Beaver Tree Service are eager and delighted to assist you in that endeavor. Call us today to schedule your appointment!

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